Talent Co-Creation Labs

Talent Co-Creation Labs

Each of the Asian partner universities will establish a Talent Co-Creation Lab. The Labs will involve the business, non-profit and public sector in the process of building students’ skills and knowledge.

The Labs will manage a variety of activities, depending on the priorities of the hosting university, including:

- establishing contacts and negotiating/planning cooperation with external stakeholders

- initiation, design and implementation of live innovation and research projects

- joint university-stakeholder development and delivery of training activities

- regular consultation between the Labs’ staff and external stakeholders on needed skills and potential updates and additions to the regular university curriculum

- maintaining contacts with employers in view of organizing internships and traineeships for students

- provision of consultancy and support to faculty members wishing to integrate entrepreneurship and innovation training in study programmes or co-curricular activities

- continuous review and assessment of the impact of institutional activities, processes and decisions on graduates’ employability, and raise awareness of deficiencies and areas of improvement

- organizing entrepreneurship or innovation training sessions for students in various disciplines